Monday, November 27, 2006

Wish List

After a visit to Our Nation's Capital, and to one of its finest bookstores, on Thursday I was salivating. There are so many exciting books to buy at the moment. And while lack of funds held me back from buying anything yet, I have begun composing my wishlist of current releases to be collected in the coming months:

1. Moral Disorder, Margaret Atwood. New Margaret Atwood. Enough said.
2. Mothers and Sons, Colm Toibin. I heard him interviewed about this on Radio National and have been dying to read it ever since.
3. Polysyllabic Spree, Nick Hornby. A book about books. How could I not like it?
4. After seeing them at the National Library, I want to start reading Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher series of murder mysteries. I've no idea what they're like but the covers had me hooked (shallow, I know)
5. The Inheritance of Loss Kiran Desai. It won the Booker. I feel obliged.

And lots more, but that'll do for a start. Can I also take a moment to point out that the town I live in has no bookshop (!!!)? This might help you all to understand how excited I get when I get the chance to check out books in a proper good bookshop. Ahhh, heaven.


Genevieve said...

Oh wow. Perhaps it's time to get a very small Visa card and shop online, Jess.
Glad to see yuu are reading some Chatwin - have you read any of his other books? I'm a bit of a Bruce junkie, though I'm yet to write about him online. He seems a bit out of fashion these days, which is a shame.

jess said...

Unfortunately I'm already dealing with a rather large Visa card!

I have read other Chatwin: I read and loved 'In Patagonia'. I've been meaning to read more of his stuff. I have also read a great biography of him written by Nicholas Shakespeare. Definitely worth reading if you haven't already.