Monday, December 04, 2006

A Christmas Reading Challenge

No matter how hard I try to be above all the Christmas hype, it gets me every time. I still find myself getting excited about wrapping presents and baking ridiculous hot food in the middle of summer and of course, enjoying the odd alcoholic beverage or two.

So I was please to see I'm not the only one. Carl has proposed a great Christmas reading challenge over at Stainless Steel Droppings. The challenge involves posting on any four of the following:
  • Christmas movies
  • Christmas novels/short stories
  • Christmas songs
  • Christmas poems
  • Christmas traditions
  • Christmas memories
"The challenge comes in here: two of your 4 choices must either involve something completely new to you or something you haven’t read or watched in an inordinately long amount of time."

I realised I have a copy of Jostein Gaarder's novel The Christmas Mystery on my shelves, so I'll be reading that for the first time. I'll also read A Christmas Carol. I'm thinking I might do a post on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation unless a better idea comes along. It's such a cheesy film but I remember laughing myself stupid as a a 12 year old. I might also post some summery southern hemisphere Christmas memories to counter all that northern hemisphere winter/ snow/ long, dark nights stuff that will going around.

Thanks for suggesting the challenge Carl! (And thanks for the excellent buttons to go with it).


Sean Carter said...

thats a fantastic idea. i also want to do something like that. my all time favourite has been christmas carol. go ahead. if u need any ideas you can view my blog too. tell me if it helps you or not!

Carl V. said...

Glad you're joining in! Make sure you come back and link to any posts that you do. It would be odd celebrating Christmas in warm weather...I think I would feel all backwards. My sis and her husband and going to visit his parents in Hawaii for Christmas so I look forward to her reports about what Christmas is like with weather completely opposite of what she is used to.